A Little Pre-debate Advice For Romney

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  1. If the idiots running Romney's campaign had listened to me, they wouldn't be in this position. How do you take the summer off, let the Obama slime machine attack you endlessly without responding, fail to get the message about the "failed Obama economy" out every single day and fail to do anything at all to deconstruct the media fairy tale of who Mr. Hope and Change really is? Beats me, but then I don't like losing.

    Anyway, tonight is pretty much Romney's only chance. He has to attack, and he has to make the focal point of that attack the economy. Luckily, Obama knows nothing about the economy, business or finance, so it should be like debating with a child.

    We know Obama will lie about all the jobs he created or "saved." We know he will lie about the debt and deficit. Romney will respond and people's eyes will gradually glaze over.

    The one place Romney can score however is when Obama blurts out his signature line:" Romney wants to go back to the policies of the past that produced this situation."

    Romney should say, "Barrack, I'm glad you brought that up. Those policies of low taxes, sound money and minimizing regulatory burdens produced nearly 30 years of unbroken prosperity, ever since Ronald Reagan took office. The crisis we suffered was caused, not by those policies, but by a housing bubble inflated and sustained by the Federal Reserve. You just reappointed the Chairman who presided over it. The financial crisis was made immeasurably worse by reckless policies at the government sponsored mortgage lenders, Fannie and Freddie. President Bush tried dozens of times to rein them in but was stymied by you, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. That interference ended up costing taxpayers several trillion dollars, and we're still counting.

    Now you've saddled the economy with ridiculous burdens from regulations issued by the EPA. Gasoline is double what it was when you took office, and your war on coal is not only costing miners jobs but will raise electricitry costs through the roof. And of course, the biggest dead weight on the economy is Obamacare, your signature achievement.

    Yes, we must avoid the polciies of the past that got us in this fix, but those polciies are yours, Barrack."
  2. I agree.Republicans really should have took your first suggestion and nominated Michelle Bachmann
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    Good stuff! I wanna know just who the hell Romney's advisors are?!?! Did he get them at some half price sale, or what???? Why isn't he stomping ocommunist's guts out???
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    Max E.

    I read an article showing that Romney is being outspent in Swing states by about a 7-5 margin right now, I cant fathom the fact that Romney would sit here and let this happen while he has more money than Obama, if he doesnt have a plan. A guy who has been this successful in his life in the private sector can not possibly be this oblivious as to what is happening.

    He must have some sort of German Blitzkrieg of negative advertising coming, and some sort of plan.

    I still am doubtful he will win as i always was, but i simply can not believe that a guy who is this successful would just lay down, without a well thought out plan of attack.
  5. Romney doesn't have more campaign money then Obama ,last figures showed Obama had nearly a 3-1 advantage.Romney could use his own money but so far he hasn't put a penny of his own money into his campaign.
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    Max E.

    You arent including PAC money, granted Rove can pull the pin on that any time he wants, so he could pull that off romney and send it to congressional races, but they must have some sort of plan with it, aside from just attempting to take the house and senate.

    Romney currently has almost 3 times the amount of cash on hand when PACS are included.


    Romney is projected to have a 3-1 money advantage in the coming month, including PACS, and depending on what they decide to do with it.
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    In the same article it says they were holding back advertising after the conventions until the 1st debate. Since they have raised about the same as Obama the last two months I don't see a cash advantage for Obama. I think Romney is just holding his fire until after tonight.

    Races usually close in the final weeks and we'll see if Romney can get the momentum going his way into November.

    Also, I have been seeing Obama paid ads on cable here in the Dallas area. The article talked about Obama having purchased air time in advance to cut prices so, maybe he has to run these ads here because he thought he would be competitive here - which he isn't. I don't see any Romney ads here.
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    very good debate advice.

    guys on the radio... said all he needs to do is read obamas 2008 debate words with jim leherher back to him.
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  10. Pac funding is down.The guys that run the pacs get to fly by private jets,stay in 5 star hotels,eat at the best restaurants etc with Pac money.They are not going to spend all their money on Romney and will save a bunch of it for future business expenses imo


    Romney, GOP Groups Pull Ads From Michigan and Pennsylvania

    Eric Kleefeld-September 6, 2012, 11:34 AM

    Republicans signaled this week that they might have given up hope in two important swing states.

    TPM Slideshow: Romney Takes The Stage At The RNC

    The Romney campaign and conservative groups like Crossroads GPS have pulled TV ads in Michigan, Romney’s home state, according to the Detroit News.

    Nor are the campaign and super PACs running advertising in Pennsylvania, after unleashing a barrage there over the past five months.

    It is still possible for groups to purchase TV advertising in either state at a later date.

    The PollTracker Averages show President Obama ahead 48.9 percent to 45.4 percent in Michigan, and in Pennsylvania, where he leads 49.9 percent to 41.4 percent.


    Mitt Romney Super PAC Down To Only $6 Million Cash On Hand After Major Spending In August

    WASHINGTON -- After banking more than $20 million through the middle of the summer to beat President Barack Obama, Restore Our Future, the super PAC supporting Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, ended August with only $6 million cash on hand, according to a report filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission.

    The powerhouse super PAC, run by former Romney aides and instrumental in helping him secure the Republican nomination, raised only $7 million in August, while spending $21.1 million. The heavy spending seems to have had little effect, as most polls have shown a surge for Obama at the national and state-by-state level since the early September Democratic National Convention.

    The $7 million raised came from a nearly even split of corporations, which gave $3.34 million, and individuals, who donated $3.66 million. The figure could be worrisome, as the super PAC held a number of high-profile fundraising events in late August during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., and managed to raise less than it did in either June or July.
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