a little market humor from down under

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  1. Daytrading: - an activity that takes place in between meaningful periods of employment.
  2. Over-bought: – a market is considered to be in an over-bought condition when everyone else appears to have bought it, but you haven’t.

  3. "They": - the members of a powerful international conspiracy who target small, private traders in order to make their lives miserable. For instance, “they ran the market to my stop and then turned it around.”

  4. Long Term Capital Management: - a large hedge fund, whose capital only managed to last for a short time.

  5. OOh, I love it when the newbies blame "they" for all their loses and more... :D
  6. Stop-loss: – the trader’s equivalent of a condom. It’s something you know you should have used after it’s too late.
  7. They don't have to be "newbies"...I traded with a guy for years who never got past the "they" thing. He really believed there was some kind of entity that was responsible for every bad fill and losing trade.

    He was an idiot.

    Nice guy, but an idiot.

  8. "They" will never let you be Commissioner.
  9. Cutten


    "Fundmental analysis: – a method of analysis that provides compelling reasons for why a stock shouldn’t fall in price when it does."

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