A little learning is dangerous thing and may lead big loss

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Peter brandley, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. friends,

    Many traders start trading in real account after spending just a little time in demo trading.This can lead them big trouble in terms of heavy losses in real accounts. Forex is a business where you must have the clear conception about what you are going to do and what should do. If you are shallow learned about Forex business, it will be horrible for you. Because your little learning will lead you in hesitation of taking decisions.

    So ,my advice to you-the way to start with a some forex games or demo contest.
    This allow to use any strategies to create profit is really can be a good place to train our idea, strategy, concept, money management and not forget the psychology, without having to worry we will loose any cent.

    The environment that fill with competition will push our mind to create more reliable analysis which is good for our own skills.

    Try with some good skill based platform where you could start learning by some games in forex.