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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ktmexc20, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. From time to time, the global cursor window totally disappears and I haven't found a way to bring it back. In the view menu, global cursor is checked as if it should be displayed. I have several monitors...

    I seek and and yet I cannot find.

    Help Is Totally Appreciated
  2. RTS,


    I'm hoping someone could help sooner than getting a reply from eSig support.
  3. Just a guess but you may have reduced screen resolution, and the global cursor window is now "outside your screen"? Try to increase your screen resolution to the maximum settings your monitor supports, and then see if the cursor window becomes visible?

    Hope this helps
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    50 cent has a good point that the Cursor Window may be appearing outside of the visible space of the chart. One thing you may also want to check is the Auto Hide feature of the Cursor Window. Depending on how it's set, the Auto Hide feature will not display unless your mouse cursor is hovering over the chart (or if the chart is the active window.) To check this setting, right-click on the Cursor Window, and select Properties. From there look at the Auto Hide section. If either of the "Show when..." selections are enabled then the Auto Hide feature is turned on. If you'd like to turn that off, then select Off.

  5. 50cent & Jay,
    Thanks, I found it, but don't know why it dis-appeared in the first place. I had to to resize resolution and move all the windows around and there it was buried beneath the layout window.
  6. Jay and others,

    I have not been able to utilize EFS yet...

    Would you be kind enough to help me with changing the volume color bars so that they are colored (green/red) in relation to the current price close and previous price close. This is a common feature that I don't believe is offered natively in eSignal (as other combinations are).

    Also, is it possible to use the mouse's scroll wheel for quote/portfolio windows? I have a wireless mouse, So maybe it's the driver... but I haven't had any other scrolling problems

    Thank you very much for taking the time to assist.
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    Regarding your mouse issue, this is a common issue and can often be resolved by downloading the latest mouse drivers from the manufactures web site.

    In regards to your EFS request, I would suggest visiting our EFS Forum on eSignal Central Forums. That is the #1 community for discussing EFS, and they'll likely be able to assist with any questions you have on that. As a quick side-note, we often get requests to create custom scripts and we wrote up this post to provide some great resources on how you can get that formula created.