A little help understanding IB market data.

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  1. I've decided to wet my feet again in the market after a long vacation from my education at the hands of the market. Its been a few years and I've always been a pretty simple trader, but I wonder if someone can help me with the topic below.

    I'd like some clarify in regards to market data subscription rates for IB. Here is the link to the market data subscription page at IB.

    I'm planning on opening an account there but I don't need level II and such. All I really need is the basic quote feed that I've seen at Datek a year or so ago which contain basic information like:

    bid, ask, last, volume, total volume. Just the basics.

    Now is that pretty much what IB calls US Non-pro securities & commodities bundle?
    And what is IB FX?

    Any clarity would be much appreciated :)
  2. H2O


    You're correct. You should only subscribe to the US non-Pro bundle (I assume you're going to open an Universal acct)

    You get all US stocks / options and some futures
    Once you generate > $30,- a month you don't pay for this.

    IB FX is the currency conversion data on which you can trade your acct. currency.

    Hope this helps
  3. thank you RSprengers. That was what I suspected.