A Little Help...Please!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by da-net, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. da-net


    I have a lot of trading books, training materials, audio & Video and thought it is about time to start selling some of them off. That brings up all kinds of questions, where do I sell them? Do I list them all at one time? Or maybe 10 items at a time. And other things.

    Yes I am aware of eBay/Paypal as a venue, but I personally do not like eBay/Paypal. I thought about Amazon, which is where I bought quite a few, but looked at the charges and I would probably end up paying someone to buy some of them.

    What advice can some of you that have sold trading stuff offer as to the best course of action?
  3. maxpi


    Uhhh.... the classifieds section on elitetrader.com is free...
  4. For the books, take a look at Cash4Books.net. It's operated by McKinsey Books and is entirely reputable. They won't buy just anything, but I've sold a fair number of trading books to them at reasonable prices (as used book prices go).