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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gnome, Apr 8, 2003.

  1. gnome


    I'm trying to install the Intel Chipset Software Utility. I got the part about "extracting to the INFextract" folder from the downloaded .exe file.

    However, what's next is to "copy files from the INF extract folder to a floppy". (There are no root directory files, just 6 folders... each has an entry for Win2000, 4 of them for my chipset... 845) The files copied are to be a driver(s) for the chipset, but I don't understand the instructions, which are:

    "copy the contents of the <INFExtract Directory>\xxxx\win2000 directory to the root directory of Floppy disk A:\", where "xxxx" is
    the directory name for the chipset of interest" (??... 845?)

    (What we're trying to do is extract some file(s) from <INFexact> to the floppy so the floppy can be the source of a chipset driver update.)

    I don't know what the command line instruction would be to accomplish this. Anybody? TIA
  2. nkhoi


    the fastest way is right click on the file then select send to, then select A: drive
  3. gnome


    Thanks, but (a) there are no files to select (just folders), and (b) the instructions are about "extracting files from the folders", and writing them to the floppy so the floppy can be a source location for an upgrade driver.

    Anybody know the proper command line, please?
  4. nkhoi


    is the instruc on the net I can take a look
  5. CalTrader

    CalTrader Guest

    Use either xcopy or the windows scripting host (cscript): The online help is self-explanatory.
  6. nkhoi


    yes you can right click on folder and send it to A: drive too.