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  1. I have at times wanted to post a few charts to share some trades I have done. The problem is that I just cannot cut and paste with my software. Currently using AIQ systems. The tech guy told me there is a way using one of the microsoft applications but I honestly could not figure it out. I would be highly appreciative if one of the computer gurus out there could give me a hand.

    Stress free trading to all...and to all a goodnight!
  2. Ditch


    Hit Print Screen on your keyboard, then go into Microsoft Paint (or some other program) and paste it. Then save it to a file (preferable JPG or 16 Bit BMP)
  3. Digs


    goto to www.downloads.com

    Find a FREE tool called ScreenHunter v4.0

    The use that to cut screen top immages to post...

    Have fun
  4. I got the chart to appear in microsoft paint but cant get it to the thread. Whats the problem (besides my computer illiteracy)?
  5. sempai


    Try SnagIt from downloads.com

    I've used it to capture and edit charts - works great.
  6. Ditch


    When you're in MS paint save it to your hard disk, go to ET, go to "post reply" and at "attach file" you can browse your hard disk, go to the file and double click to attach it.
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  8. very helpful stuff.

    i usually get a message that it is too big to post.
  9. Try saving your charts in .gif or .png extension.
  10. I have the gif down as you see. the other one is new to me. Some people post with black backgrounds. I hope there is a color changer to white to help those who compile records like printing loose leaf notebooks.

    Does white take more bytes or something.
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