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    i am a college student starting to work on one of my final projects.

    I am working on finding statistical probability in the stock market.

    What i need is access to a free database. Bieng the rich college student that i am i do not have the financial freedom to spend 10,000 on a stock market historical quote database.

    the more information included the better for my project.

    as a good base i would like to have numbers on
    Stock open price
    Stock Close price
    Stock Low price
    Stock High Price
    Volume of stock.
    Other information would be great. really the more the better
    and any other charts or historical data would be great.

    thanks for your time
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  2. try yahoo
  3. Yahoo is your best bet as you can save that data in excel then easily do what you want with it. Saves you the time of typing all the information that you want into a seperate database
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  5. Please keep us posted of your findings.
  6. "Colleges" will usually have a building on "campus" called a "library." You can go to this "library" for free access to information. At the "library" there is a good chance they will have historical quote information. Unfortunately it may be in a format known as "paper" or "book." However if you're lucky the "library" will have the information in electronic/database/Excel format. You can ask one of the workers at this "library," known as "librarians," for assistance in this matter.

  7. You might want to check price data downloaded from Yahoo.com. Sometimes I find missing dates, missing data.
  8. Whenever a stock is missing entirely from Yahoo, I grab the data from Silicon Investor. Whenever a stock is missing a few dates, usually it's because the stock is thinly traded (low volume) and no shares traded that day, thus the open, low, high, and close are effectively the same as the previous trading day. YMMV.

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