A little brain Teaser! I need your help and the answer will pertain to trading

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  1. BRAIN TEASER that will pertain to trading in the end

    I am a large distributor of Steak Sauce.. I bottle my sauce in a bottle of similar shape, size, weight, and volume as A-1 which has a large market share.

    I increased my sales by 25 % in one year? The increase in sales also coincided with an increase in net profit, so I did not just advertise the hell out of it and have the company lose money.

    How do you think I did this?

    The sky is the limit with your answers.. anything you can think of .. is allowed, but remember i did increase profitability at the same time.

    I look forward to your answers.. and trust me in the end.. how I did this will pertain to trading but do not think that way fo ryour answer.. look at it as a business question.. no i did not take the company public! or private placement or IPO.

    Have fun..
  2. MegaDeth


    You increased size of the mouth of the bottle by 25%. Easy 25% net profit increase!! :D
  3. no, but that is a great idea!
  4. Illum


    Took market share
  5. I hope he is not trying to get us into Amway.

  6. lynx


    Pitched it to restaurants as a cheap way to refill their A1 bottles.
  7. trendy


    You finally got that fifth person to buy a bottle?
  8. Popup ads on the internet that lead to rebill scams after the "free trial" so the reason your sales increased was because customers weren't able to cancel their $89.99 per month credit card charge because your customer service phone numbers didn't go anywhere.

  9. On a related note, your thread title doesn't make any sense.

    How do you "need our help" if you already know the answer?
  10. MegaDeth


    The inflation for the year was 25%. :D
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