A Little Boolean Gift for Jack

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Joe Doaks, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Kurgan started two threads on the use of Boolean logic in trading. Both turned sour. So I am creating a new one as a serious continuation of the topic and as a little gift for Jack. Attached is an example of increasing trade entry confidence by requiring agreement between multiple methods for measuring price inflections. All without reference to volume, of course.
  2. Kurgan


    You do not require work(read waste of motherfreaking time) as Jack,do you?
  3. Jack says "Do my work!" I say "I'll do my own damn work!"

    My problem is that everything I do now I had the tools to do twelve years ago. Absurdly simple shit. But I wasted most of the intervening time doing other peoples' complicated works.
  4. Kurgan


    Why is that a problem?Still can't get used to your own?
  5. Don't work much any more, except to try out weird ideas to keep algorithm and coding skills up. Happy with what I have.
  6. Kurgan


    A very good Boolean function,isn't it?