A list of what I like about Don Bright and Bright Trading

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. Thanks....I really don't feel "outnumbered" ...most of the board is fine, it's just a few whacko's that bring it down...and besides now I have to work harder to stay ahead of Chasflina....:)

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  2. aura0663


    I'm betting on you Don !!
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  3. Yeah, criticism makes him oh-so special...in case you haven't noticed, all people do on this board is bitch about anything and everything. So you are not special.

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  4. rs7


    Hey Bung...thought I was the only one that thought that. Seems like the people that contribute get flamed, and the people that bitch and moan get reinforcement from the other malcontents.
    (for the most part).
    The fact that Don B. takes the most crap and is the most helpful in his contributions seems to confirm this. Whether people agree or disagree with what he says should not be relavant. At least he tries to be informative. The trade555's and fasterpussycats of this place never ever seem to actually say anything except to critisize and ridicule others. Or to make rediculous statements to just start something for the sake of nonsense. Like yesterday trader555 all of a sudden got to be 59 years old (when he was looking for an entry level job earlier in the day), and was going to take a home equity loan to buy 175k worth of qqq calls. I mean what is the purpose....he would be better off (we all would) if he just spent the day sleeping. He is someone i would recommend drugs to .... an overdose would be about the right amount
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  5. I have the utmost respect for your opinions. I voted for you to stay on another thread. You are 100% correct on the criticism thing most of the same posters seem to have around here (Bung is right too).

    But you lost me when you start wishing ill will and drug overdoses on others. It is one thing to not like a guy and ignore him it is entirely out of line to wish a person actual physical harm. IMHO.
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  6. GHansen


    Fact correction:

    Don Bright makes peanuts--comparitively speaking. His brother Bob and partner Ed Franco are the REAL owners. Bob is just the "marketing" guy. Granted, however, he does a pretty good promo job as you can see from his number of posts on ET.
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  7. Don Bright is a thoughtful and consistent contributor to this board. What have you contributed, piker?
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  8. NDQnCA

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    he hasn't contributed a damn thing..... 777 is just some loser who probably just lost alot of money cause he is a bad trader and is bitter about it- hey 777- i'll take the other side of your trades all day long....:D
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