A list of what I like about Don Bright and Bright Trading

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. I would never criticize an advertiser? You are obviously new to ET.
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  2. to funy...such a short list
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  3. Thug, I may be new to the Forum, but I do know human Nature. Most people go with the flow and never question someone 'reputable'. Maybe you are one of the smart ones who does. I don't know. I just know that 777 spoke his honest opinion instead of hiding behind a facade of appreciation to someone supposedly 'established'.
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  4. ZTrader


    1. even though there are lots of promos for Bright, he does take a lot of time to clarify issues and questions that come up pertaining to prop firms, Prop requirements, etc.

    just my 2 cents.
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  5. If you have misgivings about the Bright Empire you are more than welcome to your thoughts. I simply don't understand why you would go to the bother of starting a thread that apparently has nothing but negative tidings to offer.

    I can say that I've done well by Don. He has participated in some of the threads that I've started and his contributions were very welcome.

    Kind of a side note: A few months ago I sent Don a question in the form of PM. I didn't hear back from him, which I thought was a bit odd, but not out of the question considering how busy he is. Imagine my surprise when I opened TASC and discovered that he'd printed my question, along with a concise answer in that forum. Thanks Don!
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  6. rs7


    I find myself feeling the same way. He does seem helpful, and he does keep his composure under a lot of fire (which seems unjustly harsh at times).

    I see no reason anyone would start a thread with the intent of bashing Bright Trading or Don himself. Yet it seems to happen repeatedly.

    I have never even met anyone who worked for Bright (that I know of). I have never been in one of their offices. I have no idea what their working environment or their equipment is like, yet I read here that it is horrible/great (depending on the source).

    Bottom line; seems to me that Don Bright contributes to this board financially, which none of US do, and with his posts, which some of us do, and some don't, which is fine.
    But what I think is sad is that some post frequently and never even attempt to make a real contribution. Has anyone ever learned one single thing that helped to improve their trading from someone that just complains in their posts?

    Just MY 2 cents.
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  7. JORGE


    I am also pretty new to these boards and don't know much about Don except that he posts on a regular basis and seems to offer advice to those who seek it. If 777 would actually like to state an honest opinion I'd love to hear it, but insulting someone in such an abstract fashion without any support to your complaint seems rather ignorant. One of the reasons most traders fail is they lack the ability to take responsibility for their own decisions and always like to blame some higher figure for their losses. If this is not your situation I apologize, but it would be interested to hear the reason for your complaint.
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  8. marcD


    A lot of this going on.
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  9. Well, I am actually smiling now...this thing with "777" came out of the blue a few days ago. I found it amusing then, and even more so now.

    I don't have to bother with any sort of rebuttle, most of you have shown common sense about the "bashing" thing. What's funny, is the fact it comes from people who don't even know me well or have never met me. I don't claim any "success status" when I'm here, I simply try to help when I can. If people choose BT at some point, great...if not, we'll continue doing well.

    Thanks for the support!!

    Don (changiing into bullet proof vest now).
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  10. You're not half as bad as what they say about you!:D

    Keep on posting. There is value in everyone's opinion. I am just amazed you can take it day in and day out -- defending the family honor is not easy when you are outnumbered like this.
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