A list of what I like about Don Bright and Bright Trading

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Jul 24, 2002.

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  2. You like to insult Don in the chat room. That should have made the list.
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    I've never been to a Bright office, but I admire a guy who can put together a chain of 40+ trading offices. Nobody forces anyone to go there and I suspect he is giving jobs and opportunity to a lot of people.

    I personally trade on IB but I like having choice and he does provide one more choice

    I also like that he posts here.
  4. That's your version, but what 777 did is what most most of you guys would never do and that is voice an honest opinion in the face of a supposedly authorative person. Most of you guys wouldn't even question an owner of a company posting on Elitetrader or any other board. That's human brainwashed nature, I guess, and so be it.

    But on a day when the Execs of Adelphia are arrested, and not long after the scandals of ENE and WCOM, its a surprise that anyone takes any exec seriously. Whether they post in a chat room or not.
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    Yes its true, all executives are bad and I will never deal with any company ever again in order to punish them.
  6. This list is not getting very long ...
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    listen, the fact is don bright is a genius. He has indeed proven to be one of the few guys standing in this business making obscene amounts of money in the daytrading business. I would say the odds are not very good that the majority of readers will reach his level........

    On the flip side.. if you choose to trade with him, nobody is saying he is giving you the best deal out there. Obviously there are a number of satisfied customers though or he wouldn't have so many offices.

    If you lose money.. don't blame the brokerage house. I did. I later realized that i lost money cause i didn't know how to trade and needed a scapegoat. Yes, the firm i was with (now defunct) was charging me obscene rates.. but in the end who cares if i was making cash. I wasn't.

    one year later.. i am with a new firm.. with better rates. But my success is more dependent on my trading calls. Not the guy who is making a fortune off of my trading. It doesn't seem fair for Don to be making so much money off of your trading revs. But i didn't see a lot of people complaining 2 years ago when i am sure he was charging higher rates.

    Disclaimer.. never stepped into a bright firm.. nor have any type of connection with them.
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    A list of what I like about Don Bright and Bright Trading

    OPTIONAL777 ive looked through the threads and i cant find one useful thing you have ever posted.on the other hand i have learned a lot from don just through this site.
    in this country we vote with our feet.if you dont like bright trading you dont have to do business there.find someone you like better.if you got mad and left elitetrader no one would notice.if don left a lot of us would miss his posts.
    as far as charging for the school if i had time would love to take it and would consider 1000 cheap if i learned anything new.
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    he puts up with alot of harsh words here and seems to handle it pretty well.....but if i had his dough, I wouldnt spend so much time here In the first place
  10. i love don juan! he teach me good!
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