A list of real market moving economic news

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Omar Little, May 7, 2009.

  1. I'd like to compose a list of economic news releases that have immediate impact on intraday trading. I'm speaking only of news that we know will be released during mkt hours.

    I'll start with the obvious....FOMC at 2:15

    The second one is: 30Yr Bond Auction, which is a semi-annual release. Today we saw an immediate move after its release.

    Other folks want to chime in? Lets try and keep it to only news that is released during RMH. Thanks

  2. EUR European Central Bank Rate Decision.
    BoJ Central Bank Rate Decision.
    GBP Bank of England Rate Decision.
    More for the Forex though.
  3. I like to make things simple. All stared on econoday and all red and orange on forexfactory. The TIC report is a mover on econo and it's not stared.
  4. I didn't see a star on 30 yr bond auction on econoday, but it can really move the market. Today was a good example.
  5. This is a great thread because as everyone knows, especially CNBC reporters, correlation proves causation.