A list of all scam unregulated 3rd party educational vendors

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    There is no restriction against giving advice in real time, unless they are a registered broker, which they are not. If you're not registered with the SEC, then you are not regulated by the SEC. The reason they don't give real time calls, is because if they did, people would realize they don't make money trading.
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    I don't know who Dean Handley is besides the fact that he checks out rooms and gives his opinion who is for real or not. Why is he a thief? It's good he is saying PureCrap are thieves right?
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  4. You can add Pristine.com to the list now

    read this review a week ago


    But more importantly read the comments under the blog post..

    this is the comment in question

    Here are screenshots showing Dan Gibby’s Trading Performance and other moderators at Pristine…Enjoy !!




    This Dan gibby guy is still a current active moderator in their trading room which is hillarious

    Some other scams or fraudsters i came accross

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    I just got mail from my mentor with a review of Dr. Dean Handley.

    Definitely someone you cannot trust!
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  6. thx for your efforts and review of dr dean handley.

    you are just far too generous already.

    it is good to know, who is and who is not, upfront in trading biz.

    appreicate your work.
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  7. I doubt it's really that simple with the SEC. I think they can interfere, except that it is almost never worth their time because they have bigger fish to fry. But I agree with your other opinion. There are quite a few ways to show your trading prowess these days thanks to the Internets. The calls don't have to be real-time (it's good if they are, of course), but there should be enough convincing evidence their strategies can make you money.
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  8. I am not sure how much I can trust the Russian guy without doing more DD, but I have done enough DD on Handley to distrust him. Another sleazebag, probably a side effect of his MBA and JD education.
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