A list of all non-scam 3rd party vendors

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  1. Might as well have a positive thread too. This can include free resources as well. Please only post if you have first hand experience with said vendor.


    Good strategy and philosophy to approach the markets. Solid entry and exit techniques. No outlandish promises. Well worth the money. Would happily buy again if I could go hack in time.

    Keystone trading.

    Decent program. A little too infomercially for my taste. A really basic approach that may be outdated. Would not purchase again if I could go back in time but its close.
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    I have been reading posts on ET for couple of years but never contributed. This is a good thread and I would like to share my experiences so far.

    good education and i learned a lot but no success in trading.

    VCM.com / Teamtrading.com and now Ifundtraders.com
    one of those prop/educational vendors. BIG mistake.

    one on one coaching, realistic approach to the market. for the first time i am consistent with my profit taking. great experience so far.
  3. A non-scam vendor list would have to include ET member bone.

    Know the guy personally, have met him and his family, worked with his program - definitely the real deal!
  4. How much % net per month are you making with bone's program?.
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    Would like to know as well, also other metrics such as max drawdown, capital at risk overnight, stops etc.

    Thank you
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    Just based on my experience, im looking at around 3-4% gain monthly. I started trading live in April so i am very new and have a lot of room to improve.

    Usually risk to reward ratio is 1:1. you hold positions from a few days to a few weeks and you set your SL when you enter the trade, so your stop is working over night. Also for the fact that you are trading spreads, you get a lot of margin credit.
  7. Not really.
  8. I too do not post on here often at all - just read for the most part. It's worth mentioning that I also had a great experience with Bone. I was new to the whole world of futures and he has brought me along more than nicely. I've only been trading live for 3 months, but things have gone better than I expected them to. Highly recommended and I would easily call his services a bargain.
  9. The best advice I can give anyone on this forum or many others of this kind is not to base your opinion about any vendor on what you hear about him from the unknown third parties. Whether the opinion is positive or not.

    The best vendors (mentors) you will ever find don't hang out on trading forums being too busy trading and helping their clients. It's the marketers that do. And they often come with an entourage of shills.

    Yes. I too have met a handful of good guys out there whom I could honestly recommend, but frankly why exactly would you give a damn about it? You don't know me from Adam.

    Just my 2 cents.
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