A list of all famous investors/rich people that have the CFA designation.

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  1. I know of none. Please post names here, if you know of any. Thanks
  2. Even if someone was rich and had a CFA, would that be a good enough reason to get one? Why would CFA be any indication of wealth? Why you hung up on a certification anyone can get from taking a test?

    I know someone who is wealthy who has a Ph.d in Philosophy but I aint getting one.

    You make money in this world by creating for yourself not blindly following others. A CFA is just a test you pass with common sense investment info found in any investment textbook (Bodie et al...).
  3. I want to create for myself but don't know where to begin. I thought the CFA may allow me to delve into the investment world so I can know the bare minimum of what hedge fund and money managers know. In other words, I need a place to start. usually people go for the MBA but I am considering the CFA as a cheaper and more investment-focussed alternative.

    Thanks for your input.

  4. Here are some names of famous CFA designees. Honestly, I don't know who these people are:


    Abby Joseph Cohen

    Gary Brinson

    Sir John Marks Templeton

  5. zdreg


    i would think this rich analyst has a cfa:)

    March 8, 2006 -- A multimillionaire financial analyst was putting the "bull" in bull market when he convinced his ex-wife he was bankrupt, court papers charge.

    "Cosby Show" writer turned Wall Street wiz Matthew Geller played broke to dupe his ex-wife into taking $2.5 million less than she was entitled to in their ugly divorce
  6. Abby cohen - chief investment strat at goldman

    templeton of templeton funds?
  7. Two threads on same topic. So closing thread.
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