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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by enrick71, Aug 21, 2007.

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    Is out there a lighter future that replicate es or ym movements(nyse or nasdaq stocks)?
  2. Are you asking because you do not want to buy one full contract? You can buy 250 shares of the DIA (Diamonds Trust) They mirror the ym. 500 shares would be equal to one contract.

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    I think hes looking to spend less - not more. But still have a movement like the ym or es.

    So instead of going to the 25$ blackjack table go for the 5$ - cept I dont know what avenue you should trade.
  4. you can trade the DIA and SPY single stock futures, which are only $1 per point vs. $5 per point for the YM and ES.

    they are very thin, and have a wide spread. they are good for swing trading, when you are targeting 100+ dow points for example (although in this market, 100 points is now an intraday scalp :) )
  5. A smaller futures contract than YM/ES is ideally DIA & SPY futures.
    ( 1 contract=100 shares & 15-20% margin I think at IB)
    But the quotes can be very wide & no quote some times.
    If you have enough funds then instead of trading DIA & SPY ,trade DDM /SSO. ( SPY=145: SSO=86.50 approximate)
    Lower investment (60% SPY) & almost 1.5 times leverage.
    BUt all utra spiders usually quote 0.05-0.08 spread unlike SPY/DIA whcih is 0.01 always.
    I love UWM instead of IWM & QLD which is Ultra QQQQ.
    One fact - Long ultra spiders have low daily volume (200k-700k) where as short ultra spiders SDS,DOG,TWM,QID trade average 800k-1 million and above.
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    Thanks all for your help,
  7. i've found DOG is too thin, but DXD (ultrashort dow) is quite playable intraday
  8. Harrahs has a $2 blackjack table :)