A letter to Trent Lott

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  1. Mr. Lott,

    I will make this letter brief, as I feel that spending too much time on a man with a closed mind and a heart locked in racism is a futile effort to make any attempt at change in your views. You are obviously deeply seeded in your beliefs, which every person in the United States has a right to be.

    Since you are an elected official of our great nation, you have a duty to the public to clearly represent your views throughout the entire political spectrum, including views of segregation. Unfortunately, the media has a habit of uprooting people once they fall underneath their radar, many times causing innocent victims to be unduly signaled out and harassed by the public opinion that is suddenly ignited from such reporting.

    I grew up in Baltimore, MD and not from your area of the country. Both of my parents have taught me to be an open-minded and unbiased person towards other's beliefs until such time that I can clearly ascertain what those beliefs are and why the person holds those beliefs in high-esteem.

    Sir, I am asking you, as a citizen of the nation that you represent to the rest of the world, what are your views and why do you hold them. Do you support segregation? Do you hold differing views on other's based upon their background and/or the color of their skin?

    You recently asked national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of State Colin L. Powell for their support in this matter and were later rebuffed. What do these two people know about this situation that the average American does not?

    From my young understanding of life, since I am only 25 years of age, is that if a man makes a statement, even in jest, many times their is truth beneath their words. I also believe that a man should take full responsibility for their words and beliefs and not try elaborate sugarcoating of their words solely to appeal to a wider audience -- although I do understand that is the premise of being a successful political.

    However, we live in a time-period where we already face extreme prejudice within the world. It is prejudice of another man's religion that has partly caused the situations that the world is experiencing today. Racism and prejudice leads to hatred, and hatred many times will manifest itself into violence. Racism is a result of ignorance and a poor understanding of another culture.

    Please explain yourself and your views without artistic and sebaceous language. Every American has the right to know precisely what views their elected officials are representing.

    Thank you,

    Jason B.
  2. Trent Lott is a more appropriate target for justifiable termination than is Bush's daddy's other former ally, Saddam... make no mistake about it...

    Trent Lott was one step away from justifying slavery... Lott, on that basis, is a good candidate for 'removal'... the fewer evil snakes that the USA has within her political structure, the better it will be for internal American harmony... I wish our Black, Hispanic and other Minority Brethren all the best in smoking Lott out of his Cave of Racism... may Lott be given a final dose of justice by the hand of those that he hates... there is a limit to turning the other cheek...

    The Blacks and other People of Color are still not given a fair shot in the USA... Lott must be made an example of, in order to give the minorities, and in particular our Black Brethren, a sense of hope...
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    It is really sad that in the current US government there are sooo many racist people. Really sad. :(
  4. Yes, their racism and sense of superiority extends beyond the domestic scene and into their Imperialistic foreign policies too, lest we forget :(
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    Lott was talking to and being kind to a sick old man (Thurman).
    Good for him.
    Then the circus opened. Look at all the clowns. :p :p :p
  7. Bush would be better advised to give the CIA the go-ahead to liquidate extremeist animals such as Lott, rather than spending his time on working out how to murder innocent Iraqis in order to steal their oil...
  8. what trent did was wrong and stupid, but that letter is a masterpiece of political correctness
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    Lets not forget that blacks are just as racist as the next fella..
  10. This is very true. Although I don't believe it is right to hold segregate viewpoints, I definitely believe that black people can be just as guilty of racism as white people. In other words, you don't have to be white to be a racist.

    Nothing pisses me off more than to read stories of African Americans suing corporations because they were involved with slavery over a hundred years ago.

    Many of them don't even fully understand the depth of slavery and what actually happened. Slavery has been around since the beginning of man, and it was common place in Rome through Patronage.

    Also, many of the black slaves were treated very well and were considered part of the family, with many having rooms within the main house.

    I'm not suggesting that slavery is good, but if someone is going to speak up about slavery and what took place, perhaps they should really research it. Not every slave was trying to get up North during that time period. Many of them enjoyed decent lives under the protection of a wealthy plantation owner while others were starving to death.
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