A letter to the Washington Post about foreign workers

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  1. Putting American Workers First
    Thursday, March 5, 2009; Page A18

    In response to the March 2 editorial "A Wall Built with Visas," opposing our guest-worker provision in the Economic Recovery Act, we want to ensure that readers receive a fair analysis.

    During the past several months, the largest banks in this country have announced 100,000 job cuts. Reportedly, those same banks requested H-1B visas for more than 21,000 foreign guest workers over the past six years.

    Just who is this "top talent from overseas"? Most of it is junior investment analysts, human resource specialists, corporate lawyers and vice presidents. These are hardly the specialized, high-tech jobs envisioned by the H-1B visa program.

    With many thousands of financial services workers unemployed, it's absurd to claim that banks can't find top-notch American workers to perform these jobs. Nothing in our provision takes away the ability of these banks to hire H-1B guest workers; we simply ask that those taking American taxpayer funds give priority to qualified Americans and not replace laid-off American workers with temporary guest workers.

    With unemployment rising, why shouldn't we demand that our money be invested in American workers?


    U.S. Senator (I-Vt.)


    U.S. Senator (R-Iowa)


  2. fhl


    There's a thought. Kick out the legal aliens and welcome the illegals into our system as new voters. Brilliant.
  3. you're busted - strawman arguement - grassley is NOT pro illegal alien

    he's not saying kick them out, he's saying to not bring them in to banks living off the citizen's welfare check when there are obviously a flood of Americans available from the bank layoffs

    I'm against illegal aliens too

    but i'm not obligated to obtain success on the illegal alien front before expressing an opinion of the legal immigration front

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    "CEO bonuses have been boosted in recent years for outsourcing jobs, firing U.S. workers and slashing worker pensions. Those actions pay off for CEOs (and sometimes their companies) in the short term; in the long term, they hurt workers and the economy, Anderson said."

    Page 2 of this article. http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/learn-how-to-invest/how-ceos-steal-from-your-401k.aspx?page=2
  5. That's exactly right - and long term just arrived. It's 100 percent insane for the citizen to go into hock to communist china to subsidize this failed process

    Thanks to Senators Grassley and Sanders for calling this out for what it is

    Banks are crying 'we're all in this together' until they cash their welfare check, then it's 'mind your own business, dont tell us what to do with OUR money'
  6. Possibly the first sensible thing Sanders has said since he has been in the congress.