A letter to BNB Analytics.

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  1. Dear BNB Analytics.

    Do not let the crotchety old guard take you off your game or get you discouraged from your interest in trading. As the new up and coming young generation begin to enter the world of trading with new ideas and methods you always will have to contend with the old-guard trying to discourage your new ideas.

    I remember when I was around your age and I was working with the early computer trading networks while the old guard was still hunched over those ticker tape machines and they kept harping about how real traders read tape and that those new fangled electronic brains were just toys etc..

    Well they were forced to concede as we began trading more efficiently and they were unable to learn the new systems, they eventually dissapeared from the world of trading just like dinosaurs of years past.

    It has always been this way, one guys comes up with new ideas, someone else tells them its the wrong way etc.. So keep at it, keep posting those videos and keep trading and testing your ideas. Never let others hold you down from accomplishing your dreams.

    On another note, you should get your hair cut in a more professional hairstyle, short would be a good start. I also recommend you wear a trading jacket during your work hours, one in a specific color that would represent your budding trading firm in the future, you can pick a striped black and yellow color which would represent the bull and the bear of the stockmarket.
  2. Im 25 and so I don't think I'm in the crowd u describe and I even realize that this guy is a fuck. The only diff between him and u is he's a young fuckhead--your an old one smelly one. go shower.
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    I can't tell if the first post is even serious or not..it's absurd.
  4. Why do you guys beat on the paid advertisers here so much??? People like them keep this site free for all of us. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything.
  5. Thank you, this was one of the most sincere and nice comments I've heard all day. I appreciate this a lot.

  6. It is this one in particular who is hilarious. If you didn't follow his progression, then you can not understand.