A Letter from a Christian to Palin

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  1. Dear Governor Palin,

    Ever since you joined the Republican ticket, what I've seen of you has given me a lot of reasons to question whether your faith is genuine. But now, speaking as a fellow Spirit-filled Christian, I'm appealing to that faith.

    For some time now, we have witnessed a level of bile that hasn't been seen in a presidential campaign since most of us have been alive. At least three instances at either your rallies or Senator McCain's rallies where someone actually called for Senator Obama to be killed. Chants and signs at your rallies of "Obama bin Lyin" and "terrorist." One of your supporters carrying a monkey made up to represent Senator Obama to one of your rallies. Death threats against people who simply have Obama signs in their yards. Obama supporters having their tires slashed and their cars vandalized. And that's just a small sample of the garbage coming from your supporters.

    One word from you can stop this garbage in its tracks--or at least prove you don't condone it. Do you have it in you, Governor?

    As much as I disagree with your politics, I had hoped that as the first Spirit-filled Christian to appear on a major-party ticket, you'd at least encourage Senator McCain to run a clean, honorable campaign. After all, born-again Christian politicians should hold themselves to a higher standard.

    How in the world can you, in good conscience, stand there and allow this to continue? Regardless of where you stand politically, some of the actions of your supporters have no place whatsoever in any civilized discourse. And as a Spirit-filled Christian, it is particularly incumbent on you to rein this in. Especially when you consider that our candidate is taking time off the trail to visit his ailing grandmother.

    I'm not asking for much, Governor Palin. Just that in the last few days of this campaign, you take a stand against the hateful rhetoric and violent behavior of your supporters. It would be the right thing to do, and it would truly show that your faith does guide your decisions.

  2. A born-again Christian politician is still a politician. Faith is their means to achieve their political goals.
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    This thread is yet another of the long list of joke threads on this forum.

    This "Christian" that wrote the letter is upset with Palin, but is going to vote for a guy that had a spiritual mentor of twenty years who's most famous quote is "God d*mn America? Not to mention his vote on infanticide in the Ill legislature.

    Also, I guess the letter was written before it was determined that the guy yelling "kill him" at a republican rally was nothing more than a figment of the Obama msm imagination. I wonder if she has a problem with democrats fire bombing republican yard signs. Probably not.
  4. =======================
    Accurate analysis,FHL.

    And another big problem, for B Hussein;
    the President is required to defend the constitution, including the 2nd ammendment , which B. Hussein hates, & votes against it .:mad:
  5. The next time Governor Palin signs on to EliteTrader, I am sure she will read your note and take immediate action
  6. Umm... that legislation banned something that was already illegal and was solely crafted to undermine Roe vs. Wade in the long term.

    As for his pastor, you wouldn't like me because my pastor said some incindiery things at one point. Guilt by association is not an argument -- unless we can trot out McCain's pastors and say he's somehow guilty too.

    It's not even rational.

    Uhhh, it wasn't. Check youtube if you wish to see the video.
  7. This has as much credibility as "letter from a black guy to Obama"
  8. Palin was asked today what a 'precondition' is vis-a-vis negotiation. She was unable to give an answer. McCain supporters protested that the other 'inexperienced' candidate, Senator Obama, wasn't getting asked 'hard questions'.

  9. She gave an answer. The fact that you actually expect it to relate to the question makes me suspect that you are an anti-American LIBERAL!! AAAAARGH!!!! :eek:
  10. Yes, and if you were to point out that Palin as President of the United States is an absurdity, you would be accused of being a 'nig-loving' (we'll just use 'nig' like Pabst and Doc Z et al. do here, instead of manning up and using the terminology they use when they're at one of their meetings) jew-loving commu-terrorist.

    Reading the posts of the whackjob far right on here has made me into an Obama believer. I just want to see him win so that I can picture all these nutbags going 'grrrrr!!!'' and clenching their little fists. We all know that if he is elected, not much will be different, except the Democrats will dig the country out of the fiscal hole the Republicans created, just like they did after Reagan, and the mess in Iraq will be cleaned up and the U.S. can get on with the business of finding and killing Osama Bin Laden.
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