A lesson to learn from a disgusting country like iran

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  1. iran is a country that does not have a government, it is ruled and owned by a bunch of punks who took over the country some 30 years ago by promising it's stupid people free money from the oil, only because they were thinking about nothing but oil money, what a way to scam millions of people, this really shows the level of intelligence of the average fars iranian

    yes that is what iran is; a country with only one source of income, and a bunch of fag hags who rule over these losers called 'the fars'

    so why are these fags who are getting all this free money from oil exports growing even more sick year after year; it is that they started with dominating their own country and now nothing else remains in their mind but the idea of dominating other countries and eventually the whole world, as silly as it is, this is all they can think about

    their idea of domination is only through destruction of other nations, as their thoughts are revealed they grow more aggressive and determined towards destroying those who are exposing their retarded and ill behavior, as more countries are becoming aware of their intentions iran is being circled by them, but this does not mean that they will give up, since they have money and are willing to continue their domination at whatever cost it may be, they are purchasing weapons from select countries like russia and china at hundreds of times the actual price

    the main part is this; all this focus on trying to stand above others by destroying them, is costing them their own lives and their offspring's lives and eventually is going to end in their total destruction, instead of using the oil money to build and advance their country they are only and completely focused on bringing death to others

    they know that their death is close, that is why they are hoarding money in foreign banks (hoping that it will save them), and spending the rest like crazy on purchasing missiles and nuclear technology

    wishing death upon others is only going to bring death upon themselves
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    The WAY they took over the country was interesting if what I've been told is true. A believer would stand up in the workplace with a combat weapon and say "I'm taking this department for the Ayatollah". They worked from the top down and the bottom up radically and got away with it... I'm also told that the leadership believes they are put there by Allah to destroy the US and Israel... that is a pretty big job IMHO, I'm thinking that their odds of success are minimal, they have done nothing to prove actual ability to do anything other than stir up a lot of crazies.
  3. Some of you are - I'll be diplomatic here - uninformed.

    I won't spoon feed you, but do some good faith research on what caused the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, during the Iranian Revolution, and the U.S. role in that very unfortunate historic episode.

    If you get to the credible sources (even document by our own CIA), you will find that when the U.S. attempts to prop up repressive regimes, our foreign policy isn't all that effective, and more often than not, fails miserably.

    Maybe we should act consistently with our stated goals of supporting democracies.
  4. I don't trust the US to reveal any real motives really... whatever they were doing there was not working on some level obviously. It is very difficult to make any progress in countries that have factions that really don't want progress at all, they want to take their cultures back to the tenth century. So the current Iran is not economically a real powerhouse and the regime is not terribly popular, they rigged the elections by not allowing anybody but fundamentalists to run or so I'm told.. even Iranians in the US seem afraid to say much about the regime. The money velocity is terribly slow under those conditions so I would not expect them to be able to do much of anything other than the typical murder and rampaging that they seem to be leading up to.. the demonisation of Iran seems to be picking up speed, maybe we'll see a strike on their nuclear stuff pretty soon... Russia has sold a missile shield to Iran but not delivered it, some think that Israel is seeing a closing window of opportunity to get away with a strike but others are questioning the ability to do that, the nuclear stuff is supposedly spread all over the country and hidden underground. The drama is getting a little tense for sure..