A lesson for you Silver Humpers and Put Sellers in General

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. timely as usual
  2. Uh, silver buttfugged since my call.

    Any questions Mav?
  3. Maverick74


    Nice trade man.
  4. The thread title is kinda generic, 777....'in general'.....you're always hedging! :D
  5. Maverick74


    How do you hedge a paper trade?
  6. Buy rock and sell scissors :D

  7. the only folks that think there's anything hedged about calling silver bulls 'humper's and referencing a moron who killed themselves by being blown out of a cannon are RETARDS.

    Now that we have verified the two known retards, would anyone else like to claim a place on that list?

    Keep talkin , you save me the trouble.

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  8. Whatever you say, Hedge777 :p
  9. i mean seriously, if all I did was say SLV SELLL!!!!!!!

    the other idiot would claim I didnt give an exact entry, exit, stop.

    and what fun is it to just give the trade away so than someone like mav would actually be ably to fig it out.
    #10     May 3, 2011