A Leader

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  1. A Leader

    Today if you ask the average American they will most likely say they do not like at least one aspect of the present condition of the country. The gas and food prices are too high, people are dying in Iraq, there is too much poverty, global warming may or may not be hovering around a corner and everyone’s 401k’s are decreasing because of the troublesome financial industry. Issue’s like these show the health of the country as a whole. Each arguable problem that affects the countries health is constantly changing within a certain amount of degrees for the good or for the bad. The health of a country can be related to the health of a person. For example each organ can have it’s own problem, it takes time to fix problems if they can be fixed and the problem needs to be fixed through the most logical, efficient and successful means possible.

    Hopefully all of you can agree that some things can be better in America. Improvement comes from focusing on weaknesses and then converting them into strengths. You are only foolishly idealistic if you never venture further into the specifics of your beliefs. So the question to be asked, how do we convert our weaknesses into strengths? I certainly do not have all the answers as no one person does but by understanding the origin of how problems are fixed a society may then hopefully be able to decide which people are best at fixing these problems. To find the origin and best way of how to fix a problem it is best to see how an unhealthy person can fix the problem of being unhealthy. The simple thing to do to become more healthy is to quit smoking, drinking and eating too many calories and starting to eat healthy, exercise and visit the doctor.

    I am no nutrition expert so how do I know how a person can become healthy? I know this because each and every statement I made about becoming more healthy has been proven through individual experience and studies. Let’s go further into it. A doctor tries his best to prescribe the best medication he can for each individual patients problem. The doctor knows how to solve the problem through medication because most likely he has seen the problem before. He has seen that when he has prescribed this medication in the past to people with the same problem the results have been very similar and of course positive. Now lets compare the inexperienced doctor to the experienced doctor. Which one would you say, knowing they have truly devoted themselves to medicine, has more ability to make a clear judgment with confidence? That’s an extraordinarily easy question if you believe both doctors have truly devoted themselves to medicine even if the inexperienced doctor is the better talker. This is true if you value actions higher than words.

    We have established that an intelligent experienced doctor has more concise judgment then an intelligent inexperienced doctor. That is only one understanding as there are other avenues in medicine that claim to make a person more healthy than conventional medicine. Many of you have seen the infomercials that are called Natural Cures “They” don’t want you to know about. This is the book that claims there is a large amount of natural cures for diseases such as AIDS and cancer but the drug industry hides those cures away from you. It is reasonable to say they want all the profits but if there were so many natural cures then wouldn’t they be more popular and wouldn’t it be illegal for drug companies to interfere. This is a perfect example of hype. If one was to watch those infomercials seriously then you would think you would live forever with all the hype your sucking on. The reason the author made so much money is because people did not question what he was proclaiming, they just felt so inspired and saved by what he had to say that they could not help themselves from buying the book on the spot. I am sure if people actually made a study and inquiry for themselves then the false hype would not have spread like the wild fire it was.

    The health of a country is vital to everybody and everything. When the country has issues that need to be fixed, these issue’s must be met with the most logical, efficient and proven ways to fix these issues. What this means is that our leaders must have the experience to execute decision’s with clear judgment and confidence. Like the experienced doctor, the experienced leader has much stronger and wiser judgment than the inexperienced leader and vastly larger amounts of judgment than the wannabe inexperienced leader that expects to be elected purely on hype. Without this knowledge and experience we are stuck in a world only hoping to get lucky with a proclaimed natural cure that was never legit in the first place.