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  1. US economy is growing once again

    Yes! yes! Why just this morning I cracked open an egg and voila, a double yoke. Other signs of a growing economy: my dog had puppies and bird house construction is up (this is based on previous data that the unemployed and newly retired have a tendency to keep occupied by heading out to the garage and keep busy with scrap wood) .
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    Thats just the stimulus kicking in, once that is pulled from the system the economy will be extremely lucky to see anything over 3% growth, only way this economy grows is on debt, trillions worth of it is what keeps the economy moving, take away the liquidity injections, stimulus and tax credits and watch where the economy heads.

    1-2% will be the new norm along with unemployment being the new norm between 6-10%, unemployment rates will take decades to reach 4% or less.