A large portion of job losses are gov jobs.

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  1. Republicans should be happy, Most of the losses are government jobs. So this should be good news for a smaller government economy. With the expectation of huge private industry hiring to make up for the cuts.
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    I saw that this morning. This will hopefully be a great thing in the long run. An acquaintance of mine who sells franchises told me he has sold many franchises to these recently laid off people.

    These people can hopefully be more productive and help grow America for the future. Shame for people to lose their jobs initially though.
  3. Some of those goverment job loses were the famous "saved" jobs paid for with the stimlus. Those people should have been let go a year ago
  4. Government jobs up, government jobs down...irrelevant. This is what's killing this country:

    Manufacturing payrolls decreased by 6,000 after declining 28,000 a month earlier.

    Service Jobs

    Employment at service-providers decreased 73,000. Construction companies subtracted 21,000 workers and retailers hired 5,700 workers.
  5. Half of the people laid off in the public sector were census workers, while the other half were teachers being laid off by the various states.
  6. I hear bernanke is going to work for coinstar.
  7. I would not be surprised to see MASSIVE Government job cuts over the next 4 year. The ironic part is the cuts will probably get bigger starting 2013 on a Republican president/congress.

    The question is will the voting public have the stomach to hold their noses while we shrink government spending? I just do not see private jobs opening up to meet the onslaught of laid off government workers hitting the streets.

    Americans are notorious for asking for one thing and then crying uncle when they get their wish.
  8. The question is will the voting public have the stomach to hold their noses while we shrink government spending?

    Pols have an app for that. Want smaller gov't? Close parks pools playgrounds, lay off firefighters, cops and quit cleaniing the streets.

    What we are looking for in smaller gov't is not be required to spend 23 million dollars to change the lettering on street signs in NYC (from all capital letters to capital first letter only). This is only one example but I'm sure there are dozens of other mandates that offer small benefit vs cost.
  9. Obama Administration Backs $23B Bill to Save Teacher Jobs
    Up to 300,000 Public School Teachers May Lose Their Jobs This Year Due to Local Budget Cuts

    29 comments By MARY BRUCE
    May 14, 2010

    The Obama administration came out Thursday in support of emergency education funding legislation that would provide $23 billion to preserve teacher jobs in the face of massive impending layoffs across the country.

    "We are gravely concerned that ongoing state and local budget challenges are threatening hundreds of thousands of teacher jobs for the upcoming school year, with estimates ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 education jobs at risk," Education Secretary Arne Duncan wrote in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

    "Without swift action, millions of children will experience these budget cuts in one way or another through reductions in class time; cuts to early childhood programs, extracurricular activities, and summer school; and reduced course offerings as teachers are laid off," the letter continued.

    Duncan's letter, which received White House support, urged Congress to include the emergency funding in an upcoming supplemental spending bill to fund military operations and other expenses.

    "We know that economic prosperity and educational success go hand in hand, which is why the Obama administration is concerned by looming state and local budget cuts that threaten the jobs of hundreds of thousands of teachers across the country," Domestic Policy Director Melody Barnes wrote in a blog posted yesterday to the White House website.

    In addition to the $23 billion to save teacher jobs, Duncan also asked Congress to approve $2 billion to support police and firefighter jobs and an additional $1 billion for early childhood education jobs...

  10. Game over for simpeltons and their non-productive jobs in both Gov. and Private industry. Cube junkies, paper pushers, tps report makers...all will be phased out to the minimum in the next decade. Automation and structual unemployment.....is the force sweeping the change in the global economy.
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