A large GOOG secondary is coming...

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by capmac, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. capmac


    That is the rumor on the street.

    This could explain why the stock hasn't rocketed while the Nasdaq has been flying.
  2. troman


    Good one knucklehead.

    $10 billion in cash - no debt - paying confetti for YouTube

    Go to the back of the Fundamental Analysis 101 class

    Actually, MSFT's probably next - they only have $28 billion
  3. Since the middle of OCT GOOG is up while the SPX is flat. makes sense GOOG is pausing after the huge gap up...
  4. I had heard this rumor too and there is enough people talking about it that their must be something too it.

    Another less credible rumor i heard was that GOOG doesnt have all the cash they say they have and they are doing some fancy pants accounting to hide this fact which is the reason for the secondary coming.

    But lets say all is well in the land of accounting. If i was CEO and I knew GOOG was heading for a crash like every other internet stock has in the past, i would be printing and selling stock too at these rediculously high prices.
  5. Sounds like you guys are short? Or perhaps long a bunch of out-of-the-money puts?
  6. Google is rumored to buy out AOL from TWX for around 45-50bn in cash. This is why they need the secondary.
  7. AOL? God help them if they are buying that garbage.