A Jury Does The Right Thing

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  1. I believe in help the mentally challenged, so here goes:

    Download and install Firefox.

    Download and install the Google Toolbar.

    Turn on the Spell Checking feature on the Google Toolbar.

    It will then automatically check your spelling as you go along, and correct it if you want.

    If you need further instructions to help you with your problem, just ask...

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  2. I repeat, I'm not concerned with it. It seems as if you are the only one that is so shut your clap trap.

    At any rate, the post is about your blatant hypocrasy not my spelling.

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  3. "At any rate, the post is about your blatant hypocrasy not my spelling."

    There is no such thing as "hypocrasy." (SIC)

    Not unless of course you are being described here:

    1. hypocrasy 2 up, 1 down love ithate it

    A comic misspelling of "hypocrisy" as defined by butthurt forum-goers trying to insult other members. Can be the source of multiple lulz and simultaneous embarrassment by the user trying to appear smart for using a four-syllable word.
    "...personally I call that "hypocrasy". Look it up."
    "Haha, I can't look it up if it is not spelled right."
    hypocrasy failure forum hypocrisy misspellings
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    Man, you really were born without a thinking cap...


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