A Jean Tale- Innovo

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Just when i think I'm ready to shut the computer and go off for another 10 days of WELL EARNED (what a week!) VACATION time I see something that catches my eye-- in this case INNO. Up 20% today! whoa!

    I however owned this stock at $6 bucks like 5 years ago let me tell you the story. My wife and I ran a cool, small womens fashion boutique in lower NYC and we had lots of good jeans we knew about True Religion before that hit and we thought highly of Joe's Jeans. strangely the stock has been a disaster take a 5 year look then tighten it to 2 and see what's happening here. Look at the RSI on a tighter snap say 3 months... interesting.
    OK it completely bitch bombed to 50 cents and I wrote them off for bankruptcy I can't remember where I bailed but i believe it was in the high $3 range! Ugh.

    Anyway the point I always held was this brand name did have some value and I would really be surprised if they went under or if some wise M&A guy didn't gobble them up. In fact for True Religion it would be an ideal purchase. Anyway they just tossed in respectable earnings nothing to dance home about they netted so and so dollars- $600,000 or something chump change but let's look at the volume her today folks 2.2 mil vs 220,000 average...

    Someone accumulating infront of a pressured buyout scenario? Who knows With $1.50 break out area as your puke I'm an idiot line.. Would this be worth a look? I'm tempted but I'm also aware of taking that one too many trades when things are going good...
    and I'm not even in SIGM yet... still for me this chart says $4.00 ~ stoney