A Hopeless Legion of Loons

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  1. http://www.opednews.com/articles/A-Hopeless-Legion-of-Loons-by-Sheila-Samples-111206-911.html

    Fear and despair are billowing across the US political landscape, due in no small part to nearly three years of President Barack Obama's soaring jive even as he was breaking promises to millions of jobless, homeless, helpless Americans. Many of us watched, aghast, as Obama repeatedly took careful aim and shot himself in both feet; then, rather than deciding to fight on his knees, began scrambling around on them in a futile search for bipartisanship.

    Ain't gonna happen. Those hoary old Republicans with whom he has strenuously attempted to bond have been around the political block more than once. Most are sexist; homophobic to the core, and racist from the core...on in. They're absolutely committed to -- obsessed with -- not only Obama's failure, but his complete destruction.

    Obama should have learned by now there is no compromising with these filthy connivers -- that every single one of them is hell-bent on his destruction even if the nation goes down with him. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) has brazenly bragged since Obama's election that, "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president." They spent the first two years of his administration in an obsessive campaign to prove that not only was he (shudder) black -- but he wasn't even an American citizen. They continue to insanely double down on blocking every piece of legislation he suggests, no matter how minute; and delight in blaming him for the resulting chaos.
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    I see you've found another racist who will put those thoughts into print.
  3. The best years of Clinton was with the Republican Congress.
    The worst years of Bush was with the Democrat Congress.
    So far, the best years of Obama is with the Republican House. [​IMG]
  4. RCG, can you explain why Obama blames everyone and everything but himself? (the voice is the late great John Belushi)

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    RCG actually does that himself, constantly.
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    Did you retain permission from the OP to post facts in this thread?
    I happen to know from experience he hates facts.
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    Republicans as described in the post above, are pretty much all worthless, self-entered, hypocritical scum in the truest sense of the word "scum", with little or no compassion for anything or anyone, other than their own money and pocketbook. I always tell friends of mine that Republicans worship money as their god. They act religious and talk about "family" values, but their true god and what they idolize is not the family, but.... MONEY!!!

    I'd like to hear someone in the right-wing of the Republican party deny that money is their true god.

    This particularly includes assholes like pspr... this prick never says what he objects to, but he's got a lot of criticisms and objections. But he never explains WHAT his values or principles are that stand behind his meaningless B.S opinions!

    I'd love to meet this jerk-off in person (along with that other right-wing zealot dick-head Max E. Pad) just to look at the quintessential, right-wing losers!
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    what most republicans who are not polticians want --- we demand a country that lets us be productive and does not tax the shit of us.

    Income, fico, mediocare, sales, gas, real estate, alcohol, business, property, and the list goes on. Our work takes up big chunks of our lives and govt is asking for 30 to 50%.

    Then it goes and pays govt workers 6 figures and gives them the equivalent of 3 to 5 million dollar retirement payouts after 20 years of work. Plus it pays crazy money out to govt contractors... and pisses the money away on overseas troops and wars. And it won't phase down unemployment benes and food stamps for able bodied people ... so it leaves us with a blood sucking class. Then it pays out big money to bankers and foreign countries.

    Govt is going to change. We are taking it back from the politicians who are attempted to mortgage our kids futures so harshly they turn them into debt slaves.
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