A homeless woman decided to make a baby

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  1. A friend met her downtown. She couldn't find work, couldn't keep her apartment. Other than food stamps, she couldn't get any government help as a single adult. Though she was on a fast track to section 8 housing and other welfare benefits, she was very pregnant and homeless. My friend was concerned about her baby.

    I wonder what is the responsibility of the father in such a situation? It is very bad that she had to make a baby to get help, esp when she was in no situation to have a baby.
  2. No Baby..No welfare..Father gets a room with meals until he pays...

    Isn't it wonderful?...We all live Happily ever after...


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    absolutely. he now has a home also.
  4. Father has to pay child support. Thats his role.
  5. Not if he is unemployed or works on minimum wage. A "father" has to have his basic living expense before providing for his child. He might be able to move in to the Section housing too if he gets along with the mother of his child. Or better yet, sue for child custody so that he gets the welfare and hosing assistance instead of the mother of the child.

    A friend who worked in a "family shelter" said he had a woman in her 50's adopted a grandchild on paper and got section 8 housing and all the other good stuff. The mother of this paper-adoptee had 2 other kids so she did not lose her welfare and section 8 benefits by lending a child to her mother.

    Some jobless grandparents are adopting grandchildren (mostly on paper) to qualify for housing and other welfare assistance. Many of these people want to work, there simply isn't enough jobs to go around in this economy.
  6. Not true. The state takes the money right out of his check no matter how much he makes. The amount of child support is based on how much he is earning at the time the judge rules (generally about 18%, but can be less if he makes min wage). If he doesnt get unemployment and has no job, he generally will still have to pay $100 per month which will accrue month after month. When tax time comes, if there is a refund to be had, it goes straight to the mother.
  7. Then he has to sue for child custody, esp if he cannot afford child support. He can then get the section 8 housing and other welfare benefits that he is the one with the dependent child. A crazy system we have in USA.
  8. Making babies you can't afford to support.... then throwing the responsibility for their care and feeding onto someone else or society... should be a criminal offense.

    There are probably at least 1Billion people on this earth who should have never been born for economic reasons.
  9. A friend of mine makes $10/hr and pays $125/week as child support

    System is fucked up
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