A Holiday Gift For Nodoji

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  1. Twelve years in the making. Embarrassingly untold thousands in losses. Hundreds of thousands of lines of useless code. Enough cheap domestic champagne to float a battleship. Admirable manful resistance to alluring feminine wiles ("Come to bed you drunken old fool!") All for you. Just be sure to pick the right trade direction. Batteries not included. Orgasms not guaranteed. Consult a physician if you cannot unroll your eyeballs in the morning.
  2. Lotta sigs in one day!.....
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    Can you illuminate a newcomer?
  4. The point is that "even a blind hog eventually finds an acorn."
  5. Sergio77


    Who is NoDoji? Name? Link?
  6. Samsara


    NoDoji was a Japanese farmer during the Edo period who foresaw the explosive displacement of the monarchy by modernity and gradually went insane, telling knock-knock jokes in local izakayas while wearing nothing but tabi socks and a smile.

    A possibly apocyrphal story has her originating mad cow disease by injecting sake into the third stomachs of all of her livestock.