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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by rtharp, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. Than HOW DO YOU AVERAGE OVER 26 posts per day? if you are that active?

    You registered May 2002 and are over 425 posts. So in less than a month and a half you have done this.
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  2. your implication being?

    if you have a backbone, call me a liar openly.

    im not like you. i don't promote my cause with innuendoe and subtlety.

    i argue for fair markets and call a spade a spade. for that, you imply unkind things.

    you, on the other hand, can't afford to speak the truth about the NYSE. it'll hurt your business. You don't have to disclose that openly (though integrity would dictate that you do).

    Duke and Duke can't afford to acknowledge that the emperor is naked.

    No matter how you guys paint yourselves, you're all the same.

    (Sorry, I like where I trade now.)
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  3. well if that was true that I need to disclose stuff about the NYSE than I wouldn't stand behind it by ONLY trading it.

    The guys in my office can verify that.

    With your last post you just earned being on my ignore list. So feel to post away. I don't need to see this drivel.

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  4. i wish i could get all brokers to ignore me. but, it's a start.

    and, according, to your stats, I was 'posting away' even before you gave me your permission.

    does tripack work for you?
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  5. Mike777


    Sheesh. seems a bit strong to me.

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  6. ignore this, my friend. Sorry, the details are proprietary.
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  7. Rigel


    Anybody know the difference between a blonde and a mosquito?
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  8. A mosquito sucks your blood. :D
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  9. I trade exclusively the NYSE so I must be a fool. Seems to me if one doesn't like the NYSE, then they should trade the OTC. Why make such a big deal out of bashing something that obviously makes the traders who are profitable in NYSE quite happy. I make $ trading NYSE and don't rip the OTC world nor am I promoting a particular firm. If you can't handle the NYSE stay away. Trade for pennies in the OTC world.
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  10. probably all the same person...
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