A**hole Specialists

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  1. COF, totally unpredictable. a real knuckle head.
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  2. hi bungR,

    did you mean "schleimscheisser" ???
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  3. skynet


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  4. Little giant
    Jumbo shrimp
    sleazaball analysts
    A$#hole specialists

    Emini's from now on!!!
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  5. What I meant was
    honest specialist.
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  6. and 'objective analysts,' no doubt.

    sort of like 'intellectual objectivity.'

    below: anole specialists.
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  7. but the rule of the NYSE are written in favor of the public. So it doesn't matter NYSE trades are my game of choice.

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  8. rules written to favor the public....at least superficially. Rules that have loopholes big enough to sail a yacht through.
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  9. Chasinfla I am wondering from some of your posts if you are blaming others for things that happen to you. You are setting off red flags for me with posts like this.

    I LOVE the NYSE and trade it daily. I can even make money with specialist that aren't very nice due to being in at the right time and getting out at the right time.

    I was hoping to see a public do not trade list of specialist and why but so far this thread is showing me that my competition isn't keeping very accurate records.

    One trade doesn't mean anything to me. I have bad things happen all the time on one trade. Sometimes I can call DOT services and get them on my side to correct something even. I don't take it personally at all nor blame the specialist. they are only human.

    I would like to see a thread of stocks that can be dangerous at times and why.

    The why part is crucial. As the why will make a difference to you or me. Personally I hate MU. He's on my do not trade list.

    But there are 4 guys who sit behind me who only trade 4 stocks and MU is one of their core stocks they trade. For what they do it fits their style.

    I've had some wild shakeouts with him I haven't been very happy with. I just find that the way the specialist handles his book for that stocks discouraging. So what there are thousands more.

    I'd like this thread to be informative. Not hear how they are criminals. I personally like how I get filled on limit order about 50% of the time in the middle of the spread or filled on the bid when I'm buying with a limit past the offer or selling with a limit past the bid. I love being able to place orders in his book and being guaranteed the first print when he gets there or if he gets a order too huge for his book gaps it way past my order giving me a .30 price improvement.

    Meanwhile on NASDAQ it's fill me at my price only not better. Or fill me at my price than gap .30

    or the fact I'm trying to get out and with the majority of specialist they will try to keep an orderly market (are required to trade at certain price levels) so if it goes against me I can just hit sell everything at market and get only .15 of slippage.

    Trying getting out of a long position of 10,000 shares of KLAC when the market is freefalling for only .20 of slippage.

    Let's just say the market makers don't feel like holding a fair and orderly market at times.

    Now I'm not saying u can't make money on NASDAQ I've got friends who do it quite well. just for my style it doesn't fit. The rules of NYSE do fit.


    now can anyone please rate a few specialist of who they absolutely hate and give multiple reasons of why!!!!!!!!
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  10. quick question


    give some examples
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