A**hole Specialists

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  1. Thought a thread about rating some of the specialist on stocks could be interesting.

    Please talk about your experience with each one with multiple examples of why you think this stock and the traffic cop who handles the orders is bad.

  2. AC. One time, this slimy scheister bastard took 5 min to post my order to the book.
  3. hello bung traveller.
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    yes I think it's a great idea.
    P2 did that with many notes on the specialists he dealt with.
  5. ok. i get it. they go in cycles i think, depending perhaps on order flow or how well they're doing at the time, how things are going with the wife, whatever.

    Today, the paper guys are being ruthless.

    On that last thread, in the article I posted, there was a list of stock that routinely traded through. I think it was mostly bd's.
  6. so let's name 'em chas....which ones would you like to beat up???
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    2 I have danced with and got my toes trodden on.
  8. no one particular...man, the TICK is acting very strange.
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