A historical gem illustrating how "fair&balanced" fox really is

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    This is from the time US troops were in Iraq on day 160... of occupation.

    Don't worry, idiots on the right have short memories.
  2. THANKS.
  3. Great Thread :)
  4. I would have some respect for Mr. Franken if he displayed the same "progressive angst" at the current main stream media fawning over and excusing Mr. Obama for the inevitable mistakes incurred by his administration.

    Short of the same indignation by Mr. Franken regarding the pitiful reporting on the Obama administration, he is nothing more than a hypocrite and a party hack.
  5. Al Franken is the fucking man
  6. stop repeating crap. Do you watch MSNBC? What about CNN? I saw Joe Scarborough tearing Obama a new one this morning over Lockerbie bomber. Fox keeps repeating this lie about "liberal media" and people who never watch anything else accept it at face value. NBC is not an OBama network. On CNBC, people who trash Obama administration appear regularly.

    MSNBC has Pat Buchanan for god's sakes. He was to the right of W in 2000 election.

    People need to fight fox because it claims to be fair and balanced which is a total lie. MSNBC says it is "the place for politics" (a subjective opinion) CNN says it is leader in news. Only fox claims to be the "truest news" which is a lie and needs to be fought everywhere.
  7. You think stalin is admirable. You also are in love with obama. Zero for three.

  8. Excellent advise.
  9. What we know is that on election 2000 everyone else except Fox News got the call wrong on the Florida. Not only did those liberal networks get it wrong, they called the state before the polls thus violating the law. That tells you everything you need to know.
  10. Fox News is "THE" most fair and balanced of all the networks. Al Frankin is an absolute joke. lol At the Sonia Sotomayor Senate confirmation hearings, when this moron had the opportunity to speak, all he could talk about was how he watched and liked Perry Mason. lol This guy is about the most brain dead idiot I've ever seen. Fox rules! Always have, always will!!!!
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