A Hide Treasure

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    After working as a daytrader mostly of the past 10 years, i dont want to watch fundamentals or technics to trade now.

    But if this is the case What can i check before trade?

    Speculation .....could be.

    But i found something interesting.........MANIPULATION.

    Because there is no more ways to get money, investors have found one way to get the easy .

    Look at this:

    EYE was trading around 6 bucks and then it soared to 20's because another company bought it.

    Nobody knew that, correct????????

    Nooooooooo, incorrect

    A group of people knew this and they did not get thousands of stocks before the announce, they got OPTIONS

    If you see the options volume trading of EYE days before, it never was more than 100 contracts a day.

    The day before the raise of price , more than 5000 contracts call had been sold.

    This is one way to find a treasure, check options and if you see something different in the volume, keep an eye on this, probably you can find a new way to get bunch of money, a way to buy another EYE

    Good luck