A hero??? really, who believes this one? anyone?

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    Found this online, I know its dated, but it was worth a good laugh, should be even funnier when everyone realizes his easy money policies and trillions of worthless dollars being pumped into the system actually did more harm than good, but of course that wont be shown until everything starts to come undone. Until that moment enjoy it while it lasts because everyone knows parties on wallstreet always end!

    They say he saved the global economy.....

    "SAVED" hmmmmm

    Really, I think what they fail to understand is that this is just the beginning of this crisis, the ending hasnt even come yet. He didnt save anything and wont be able to save anything.

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    tell me something i don't know


    even the words are same :D
  3. IMO, the fed chairman doesn't even have the <b>ability</b> to save our empire in decline. Only a return to Laissez Faire policies can do that, and only congress has the power to enact such.
  4. Didn't we just have an environment of financial de-regulation, from 1999-2008? How did that work out?

  5. Like a superhero, the Green Lantern Ben Bernanke.