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  1. Over here:


    is a help-wanted that brought tears to my eyes and spasms to my big colon. The text reads:

    Systems Execution Desk Specialist (EasyLanguage® and NinjaScript) (LaSalle St./Downtown Chicago)

    Our Systems Execution Desk is seeking a qualified, creative EasyLanguage Engineer to help design and develop technical analysis studies and trading tools using EasyLanguage® and NinjaScript.

    • Provide technical assistance to active and institutional traders to translate their trading ideas and approaches into customized studies and automated trading strategies in EasyLanguage®/NinjaScript.
    • Help advanced users and third-party developers extend the capabilities of EasyLanguage® and NinjaScript via C++ DLL’s, including algorithmic trading solutions.
    • Develop EasyLanguage/NinjaScript studies and other tools for inclusion as built-ins with the TradeStation/NinjaTrader software.

    • Solid experience in technical analysis and EasyLanguage.
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
    • Series 3 Licenses preferred (or such licenses must be obtained within 90 days).

    • “Live” Trading experience in the financial markets (equities, futures, options, forex).
    • Experience in C++, EasyLanguage® (required) NinjaScript (preferred)

    How many of us here qualify? A dozen maybe?

    Reaction #1: My feelings were hurt that they weren't seeking EasySignal coders

    Reaction #2: Excellent communication skills? For when a client asks you to code up an MA crossover? Don't fall over dying laughing?

    Reaction #3: Technical analysis? We're supposed to use something that doesn't work?

    Reaction #4: Live trading experience? If by that they mean successful, which of the dozen of us would even remotely consider going back to a 9-5 job?

    Who else here could apply? I am interested in your reactions. Thanks.
  2. Bob111


    how much is the salary(if any)
  3. They didn't say. It being Chicago, one hopes it's enough for ho's and blow.
  4. Bob111


    i'm not sure about guys from chicago,but i know plenty of guys from russia,who could fit for this job easily)except the license part,but they probably can take an exam,if required).

    for all above i would ask something >100K a year, if they are looking for a guy,to whom they don't have to explain what the greeks are or how to calculate IV and shit like that
  5. Thanks, Bob. Now answer me this, if you can do all that and make money on your own, would you take a $100K a year job?
  6. rosy2


    it looks normal to me except for the fact they use easylanguage and ninjatrader. whats the funny part?
  7. The funny part to me is that such a person could make much more as an independent trader.
  8. Wow really? I guess you discovered the Holy Grail then. All you need is the ability to code, take the Series 3 and have Live trading experience and Voila! Apparently anyone who has coded a trading system is automatically successful.
  9. Bob111


    absolutely..when you making money-it's all good,but...it may not last forever...example-two weeks ago IB issued high order ratio bulletin.
    let say-they kick you out and closed your account. now what?
    there is a plenty of possibilities, why one can take this job. your "edge" stop working for example. technical or other issues with your broker. not to mention literally army of good programmers(many of them unemployed),who happens to be not so good at trading.
  10. Joe Doaks,
    smart way to advertise?

    Mycroft Shortie Holmes Out :)
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