A Heads Up Moment On China

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    What % of US GDP is export?
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    $1.024 trillion f.o.b. (2006 est.)


    Or roughly 1/13th.

    Bear in mind, the US imports a lot of pre-fabricated products for later value-add, then re-export.

    That said, the net export value is less than 1 Trillion stated (FOB export - FOB import for exports). Perhaps more around 700 billion.
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  3. We're only at the tip of a huge iceberg in terms of china's potential economic growth.

    The china index will easily pass 10000 next year
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  4. I own Prime real estate in Shanghai and Hangzhou and I can say from my experience that while prices are astronomical, many people are waiting for a drop. If I tried to sell at current market prices quoted for me, I would get no buyers. Its actually been like that since last year. I own apartments as well as commercial offices in Shanghai. It seems that while people are moving into cities at a faster rate, they are not financially able to afford it yet. I had an offer recently on one of the apartments I am trying to rent, by 7 families combining savings to pay for the rent alone.

    Although if I accepted a price even 2% below fair market value, I would get a ton of buyers..

    That said I still believe in the long term prices will move up...
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  5. I just had to point out the irony here...given your alias...:D
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    So, what does apartment space rent for in Shanghai?
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  7. For an average apartment of 2000 sq feet, usually around 13,000 yuan/month, depending on the location it could go higher or lower. These apartments are very compact, comparable to a studio in the US. For more luxury apartments rent could go as high(or higher) as 150,000 yuan for a 3 bed 2 bath.
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