A Harvard geneticist may have discovered the fountain of youth… for real

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    A Harvard geneticist may have discovered the fountain of youth… for real
    Harvard genetics professor David Sinclair believes that in the coming decades the average life expectancy will increase to 113 years, from 83.

    And instead of declining in the last years of your life, you’ll be feeling fresh almost until the end.

    Searching for our body’s backup hard drive
    Sinclair, the author of Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don’t Have To, says all of our cells read a certain combination of genes. As we age, these cells read a different combination, and it contributes to the deterioration of our bodies and our health.

    But those cells can be reprogrammed by introducing new genes. Sinclair’s team has used this technique to restore eyesight in old mice. “If you can reprogram the eye,” he says, “I believe it will be possible to reprogram other parts of the body.”

    Dozens of pharmacology startups, which saw $800m in investment last year, are working to combat everything from baldness to Alzheimer’s.

    Here’s how to stay young for now
    There are no silver bullets. But Sinclair recommends exercise and a healthy diet that limits caloric intake: “Skip breakfast,” he says. “Have a late lunch. Exercise to the best of your abilities.”

    And move north: Exposure to cold temperatures helps activate longevity genes.
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  2. If you exercise meaningfully and limit caloric intake, then you will lose weight. This is fine if you need to lose weight, but not if you don't.
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    Bummer, thought it was "exercise, pin test and eat as much as u can "" :)
    Interesting article anyway, last I read the researchers were thinking we could delay death in more people but not really extend the maximum life expectancy. 113 years might still be along the same line but a huge improvement in average expectancy, especially if that s coupled with good quality of life
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