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  1. I would like to request a place for Famous quotes for our illustrious ET members.

    Here is an entry I would like to suggest be added. I know some of you think that I am ElectricSavant...but I am not. I am his Wifey and I am a Trader true to the core.


    And thank you in advance Baron for considering my request. Your site is in Barrons publications and it is only appropriate for you to start a Hall of Fame. Your site is famous and well-known


    I do not condone borrowing money to trade. If one did do this, when would it stop? until he lost? It starts out with good intentions, but when it comes time to balance the books does the greed magically disappear?

    Why not just trade your edge and be patient. Maintain a stable, financial and mental outlook and follow your principals.

    Now do not misunderstand me...money is a tool, like a chart or a platform to trade with...but day-to-day living must take place while you are trading and sound and stable emotions are necessary. The big, fast money slips away big and fast, where the slower, consistent growth of wealth is more appreciated.

    Does Bill Gates blow his whole Wad? or leverage himself out of bounds?

    Sound Money management and the challenge of maintaining and increasing yield should be occuping your minds, no matter what the bankroll is. This thread will tempt many...hey I am human too and have devised schemes to compound and grow money that is mine or that is not mine...but I do not do it...

    Stay balanced and level...and bask in the good feeling of not owing anybody any money. This way you can never lie to yourself about your net worth and always know your condition by how much REAL cash you have...

    Also remember to take your time, you have the rest of your life...The money will arrive, if you have an edge. True talent will be able to find edges throughout their trading career.

    Michael B.
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    Why don't you just start a "Famous Quotes" thread in the resources forum or trading forum?