A half point rate cut from 2.00% to 1.50%

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  1. A half point rate cut from 2.00% to 1.50% will do the trick hahahahahahahahaha what other trick will wall street pull out of it's bag hahahahahahah. The fed is out of bullets, game over.
  2. Next stop: 0%.

    Bring out the helicopters Ben.
  3. But when between now and Nov 4?
  4. Helicopter is no f'king good when it runs out of fuel. Friggin chopper has been in the air for so long now it's crash and burn time even with 0%.

    Credit is frozen solid...shit this is an ice age equivalent for the financial markets and economy.
  5. Fed just purchased 100 Sikorsky’s 2 for each state, and will start an emergency drop of $20.00 bills. If that won’t work the move up to $50.00 then $100.00.

    I just bought a street sweeper.
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  7. wow that graph is beyond sick. Our financial systems are a joke. Crash n burn baby.
  8. Would they consides another global rate cut in case the market keeps going down ?
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    Yes, I hear Bernanke is going to take rates to -10%. You'll have to pay to keep your money in the bank now! Actually, with inflation, that is about how it is right now. How does it feel to lose 10% of your money a year if you do nothing?
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