A Guerilla War in Iraq

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  1. Doesn;t comfort the families of the victims though....that's a pretty dumb stat:confused:
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  2. tampa


    Really now, TM, I am "lambasting America"? No TM, I am mocking you. Can't quite figure out how that makes me less than a "true American"?

    I am mocking a fellow loud mouth, arrogant American who thinks that "we" (read that: someone else) should go around cleaning up the middle East. Big words, from a big man, huh? Yep, they sure are.

    But I guess that I "digress" yet again. So let me address your point and question concerning what you call "propaganda": Beats me, TM. I have no way of knowing for sure, but who do you suppose would be behind this alleged "propaganda"?

    TM, my good fellow American, we are in so much trouble in Iraq, that the "other side" need do nothing but sit back and smirk. We are bleeding money we don't have out the ass. We are stretched to the breaking point militarily. And there is no end in sight for this disaster. But you are all bent out of shape as to the truthfulness of the "soldier".

    How come you ain't bent out of shape over the truthfulness of George W. Bush - and his propaganda?
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  3. which leads to the question of what happens if, in a year, the situation is not significantly better? the soldiers there now can't stay there indefinitely, and some are already there over a year. there aren't enough existing soldiers to swap in.
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  4. Shut up dude... for every American hero soldier that is being murdered, I would guess at least 20 Iraqi terrorists are being exterminated during surprise attacks on them...
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  5. How soon before we start our war in Iran? Shall we start a pool?
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  6. Siwash


    "We’ve had no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with September the 11th."
    U.S. President George W. Bush took the unusual step this week of denying categorically two year of hints, allegations and suggestions from his administration.
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  7. We are in soo much trouble???? Time will tell, but i do think you and others are trying desperately to create a Vietnam type hysteria in your in vain attempt to attack bush.....We've been in Iraq for 4 months and we will be successful and we will find all these weapons you long for, although o me the fact that they found the mobile bio labs and some skuds as well as a terrorist training camp and huge supplies of anti toxin and masks is enough for me....time will tell.
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    Mobile bio labs a little of this and a little of that is not enough to warrant a War or to pull the wool over our eyes as they have done......Even OUR Administration wouldnt start a War just for that ( this would entail we occupy most of the World ).....There must be something else we are after...hmmmmmm what could it be?? :confused:

    Even the real reason we went in is starting to become a big disapointment ( at least in the short term ) ....
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  9. TigerO


    Yup !

    Telling it the way it is. And if anyone here thinks that it's not possible to get mail out of Iraq, well, heck, they're in even deeper denial than believing Bushs lies and deceit to start an unprecedented preemptive war would even warrant. A counter productive war that not only massively backfired on us, what with the total chaos and anarchy evident to the whole wide world in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that has also created more international terror and instability than ole Osama could ever have hoped for.

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  10. tampa


    Tm, what am I going to do with you?

    No "skuds" have been found. The DIA admits that the "mobile bio labs" were not mobile bio labs. And it should not surprise you that Iraq had anti-toxins and masks - they knew we were coming, and we have the largest stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction on earth. And that "terrorist training camp" was a camp full of terrorists who were training to wage a terrorist war against the Iraqi regime and Iran.

    Do you ever read a newspaper?.
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