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  1. just finished "cosmopolis" by don delillo. KILLER !! its about a young, super succesful trader with a willfuly destructive bet against the yen. it has great insights about the impact of money on our culture and is a fun read.

    i think you will like this !!


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    Thanks surf. Bought it.

  3. Haven't read Cosmopolis, and it sounds interesting..."White Noise" is another DeLilo classic that I read about 10 years ago...Again, very interesting insights into popular culture in the information age...

    thanks for the recommendation...
  4. Surfer,

    Thanks, I'll buy it today. Here's another good one - Vaporetto 13 by Robert Girardi. My ex was a big modern fiction nut and one day starts telling me about this really haunting novel and asking me questions about what forex is. Written in 1997, story is about a US prop firm guy that gets relocated to Venice and how an unusual romance makes him blow up. Amazon has em used for 5$. This one sure isn't any kind of massmarket daytrader thriller.

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    Finally got around to watching the video for Rogue Trader yesterday staring Ewan McGregor as Nick Leeson the Barings futures trader who achieved instant notoriety when it was announced that he had lost hundreds of millions of his employer's assets on the Far Eastern financial markets and forced Barings, the City Of London's 200-year-old merchant bank, into insolvency. Very interesting story. "If we are to believe the film's story-line, a combination of eagerness to please, monstrous ambition, and a gambler's trust in lady luck lead the Watford barrow-boy to fabricate and bamboozle massive figures out of the stuffed shirts at the top, incurring huge losses yet still managing to appear - on paper, anyway -like the bank's money-spinning golden boy." Unfortunately the movie itself was rather mediocre but the story itself was fascinating. :)
    Thanks for the heads up on Cosmopolis, I'll check it out.
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    Thanx Surf,
    Your recommandations have always been top notch .

    Grabbed a copy of "Tao of Physics" right after last week's chat seesion.

    What a insightful piece of reading. ET should have a book review section just for you. :p

    All the best with your hedgefund.