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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stonedinvestor, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Mid day earnings pre releases smack of desperation- but hey the stock was in free fall.

    MED) Medifast reports unaudited FY06 rev +83% to $73.5 mln, vs $72.9 mln consensus. "We are extremely pleased with our 2006 year end revenues which exceeded our previously reported financial revenues guidance expectations of $70 to $72 million..." Co expects to release 2007 rev and EPS guidance in the first week of March. As done throughout its history, the co will continue to update 2007 financial guidance on a quarterly basis as necessary.
    12:55:34 Comment MED explodes 75c in as few min after earnings release.......

    And it's kept going a bit. Could be a trade here> I'm up 40 cents but I only have $4K worth. Could they get upgrade tomorrow? It's a former highflyer. If it shows some basing may be worth a look. Of course those numbers are " unaudited " but I doubt they would be THAT brazen. They may have a good story to tell....
  2. Alright basing AND flagging we are up $500 bucks or 6% certainly nothing to sneeze at for a late day throw away trade with no research done isn't it? Now we have to decide... take the bump and run? or fully commit to this story?

    I know some of you know this name.... speak up if ye are holding MED!!!!
  3. I took a dip in this guy after you mentioned it and will hold for a bit. If you look at the 1 yr chart, it looks to me like there's some good support around the lower 8 area.. but with the revision, it hopefully has some up room.

    NTRI killed the estimates.. maybe america's on a diet? :confused: :eek:
  4. I was surprised that NTRI didn't spill over into MED today. I was watching for it. Holding as well...
  5. Yeah - I got a small position (only 700 shares) in MED as a side bet. I bought on a dip and am looking for a fast trade but can go longer if need be.