A great idea for Virtual Stock Market..

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  1. Hey, have any of you discovered a site or software that actually emulates the real stock market? For example, the software would be available to use 24/7 and it provides simulated *fake* data of a moving market. Therefor you can paper trade in that market at any time to brush up on your skills of entry/exit, etc. Does something like this exist? And no, i am not talking about paper trading.

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    google the following:

    trading simulator software

    or take a look at www tradingsimulatorsoftware dot com

  3. If you can accurately simulate the stock market such that breakouts and other human-induced oscillations "work", you could create a system to easily beat the market.

    Nothing beats the real thing--look at forex. You can trade practically any currency 24 hours a day and get real human behavior to boot.

    The closest analog to what you're thinking of is to replay prior recorded data. But even that wouldn't be very accurate. GOOG does not act the same today as it did a year ago, nor does AAPL, NTRI, ENER, or really any stock. The influence of futures contracts, program trading, pairs trading, energy prices, bond prices, inflation fears, all are unique for today.
  4. Fully, nor do I expect google to. However, it is just for simulated training. For all I care the stock prices could be inacurate, I just think it is good for all of us to be able to trade on a simulation platform and get a good strategy that makes us gains before we hit the real market. And I am not talking about paper trading. Paper trading is good, however, it is only really active once the real market is active. My idea is for a 24 hour simulated real time market.
  5. I had an idea a few years ago to create a market where people put up money to win the jackpot. Say 100 people put up $1000. Add up all the points that everyone won and divide out the winnings proportionally.

    The prices would come from a random number generator. In other words the people particpating would not drive the prices.

    The random number charts would prevent it from being zero sum.