A GOP Tsunami Is Coming

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    By Paul Bedard
    Democrats more than Republicans are getting their most loyal supporters to vote early, but with polls showing a close race among those who have voted so far, concerns are being raised about a GOP tsunami on the actual Election Day, next Tuesday.

    According to a GOP analysis of early voting and absentee ballot requests provided to Secrets, the Democrats are turning out their most reliable, or so-called "high propensity voters" than Republicans, leaving fewer for Election Day. The GOP is pushing weaker supporters to vote early, expecting high enthusiasm to drive their regular supporters to the polls next week.

    "Democrats are cannibalizing their high-propensity voters in advance of election day to get stories that they are winning," said a GOP analyst. "But in effect they are stealing from Peter, or Election Day, to pay Paul, or early voting."

    For example, in Ohio, the Democrats have turned out 43 percent of the most loyal supporters to vote, compared to just 27 percent of the GOP. In Iowa, the difference is 43 percent to 29 percent.

    "Republicans will have more reliable voters available on Election Day and are spending our efforts turning out low propensity voters in the absentee and early voting periods," added the analysis.

    Even with the difference in turnout of loyal supporters, Gallup finds that among early voters, Romney is beating Obama 52 percent to 45 percent, though some state totals show an Obama advantage. Plus in states like North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa, the GOP has seen huge requests for last-minute absentee ballots this month.

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    Stop worrying. Romney will take the election by much more than the shitbag msm wants to point out. Only wish I had a news channel called "no bullshit news," as it would be first viewed, followed by fox. I'd be a reeeeeoch bastardo if I could put on a no bullshit news channel... A libertarian, what our founding fathers wanted kind of news channel!!! Ooh rah!!!!
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    Should I be prepared? :eek:
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    Have you tries Naked News.com? :)
  5. More like the GOP is washed up.

  6. Ooh rah!!!! LOL !!!!
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    Completely outnumbered by the entitlement/welfare/parasite class and their bleeding heart liberal cheerleaders.
  8. Thats what they have to say to make themselves feel better :)
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    It's reality you cannot refute. Denying it is what YOU have to do to make yourselves feel better.
  10. We don't need them and would better off without their obstructionism in congress. There is not single Republican position that I agree with, save for the nebulous philosophy of fiscal responsibility, which they have been miserable at implementing. They are the party of greed, entitlement of the wealthy, environmental disregard, militarism, ignorant religious dogma, human rights and freedoms denying, anti-science and pro corporate power over our government.

    I hope this the beginning of the end of them. i fart in their general direction.
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